Negative SEO services have become a popular way to deal with online reputation management issues. Competitors, jealous rivals, ex employees, and unreasonable customers and clients are able to post virtually anything about your business or personal life completely anonymously. Professionals, business owners, celebrities, and private individuals have had their reputations damaged online by negative reviews.

If you have been affected by Negative SEO services, and want to restore your anchor text ratios by building a large number of links, our services can help.

Online reputations are more important than ever, and if yours is less than perfect, you are losing business and the respect of your peers.

We offer two basic services, each catering to a unique situation. The first service involves building large volumes of links that can be used to take control of your site’s backlink profile. However, if your site is healthy, avoid ordering this service as it could very likely result in de-ranking it for your keyterms

The second service is a more proactive, long-term approach, and involves building new websites and online platforms that highlight positive news about you and your business. These are designed to suppress and push down negative sites while then taking the place of the negative result. We work hand-in-hand with clients to design, propagate, and rank these valuable digital assets so that they can not only root out the weeds, so to speak, but plant healthy things in their place.


1 million backlinks that fight on your behalf

 →  You provide the URL and the keyword(s) to be used and we do the rest

→  Best for sites 1-11 months old

→  Approximately 7 day turnaround time for links to be attached

→  You receive a full link report


We create and promote positive sites to suppress the negative ones

For serious clients only

⇒  We create a positive presence by building 9 websites for you or your company.

⇒   This includes two pieces of original, written content per site.

⇒  We then build positive backlinks to these sites in order to rank them above the negative site(s)

⇒  Negative content about you is pushed down over time

⇒  The people who search for you or your business will then see positive information

⇒  A fraction of the cost compared to!